• Draw a footless figure on a heavy cardboard: human, animal, imaginary figure... Colour the clothing, draw a face. Cut.
  • Cut two holes to the lower part for fingers. With fore- and middle finger it can walk!
  • Make some rug pile fringes with a crochet for hair, moustache, or whatever is suitable for your figure... (see picture 3.)


1.otus2          2.otus1     


3.  pile_crochet




Walking hand puppets made in school:

Can you find a Pokemon...?

5.  puppet3

6.  puppet1     7.  puppet2

8.  puppet4


Idea and drawings 3. and 4. Raija Knuutila; drawings 1. and 2. Matilda Sinervo; images 5. - 8. Helena Mantere
Web-editing Pirjo Sinervo

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