Weave a rug in a self made frame

In this page we only want to give ideas. Design your own rug to look like you. Let your imagination fly! You can surely invent many other frames or materials...

What can you find from your own home? Old stuff can have a new life in your new work of art. Unpick, unweave, unrip, unseam, expreriment and explore!

You can also go way back to the time of our ancestors. Loom was not yeat invented but - there was fabric!


  • frame: dry brances, bough, wooden lath, ...
  • warp: twine, other yarn, thin string
  • weft: different yarns, mat weft, cloth strip, dry plants, ...
  • pile: yarn, paper yarn, cloth strip, ...


  • masking tape or glue
  • safety pin or rug needle or other large eye blunt point needle
  • knife, scissors


       Frame made of brances or wooden lath:

  • cut proper pieces with a saw, finalize with knife or sand paper
  • set pieces to right places with help of masking tape or glue
  • tie pieces together with string, yarn or for example leather string


  • twipe the warp round the frame, leave 1-2 cm in between
  • tape the warp (or make a slot with a knife for warp)

       Weaving and piling

  • weave with plain weave, over one yarn, under one yarn
  • tighten the weft with fork or sparce comb if needed
  • tie some pile and figures in rows

ryijy_omakehys     oksanhaarukkatyot

omakehys     oksanhaarukka_pieni


Idea, drawing and photos: Raija Knuutila
Web editing: Pirjo Sinervo

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