Rug in childrens room. Student work, Turku Lyseo. Poppana weft, crochet hook. Image and information: Anja Tenhosaari

This rug technique is made of looped pile where the yarn is uncut. You can make looped pile surface in many ways and also it can be called as rug technique, beadcrochet, among others.

Here all techniques are made on a net base and loops are made of consistent cloth string or yarn.

Base: net cloth
- technique and pile material will determine the sett of cloth
Pile: poppana, self cut fabric strips, multiple, thick or thin yarns etc.

Poppana is finnish term for bias cut cotton strips used as weft in table cloths and so on.

  • crochet hook or
  • locker hook - a crochet hook with long handle and a needle eye
  • rug needle or a very big tapestry needle



Before selecting the way to make your textile you must think of several issues: which materials will be used, what utensils are available and what function the product has: is it to be used or just some pleasure for the eye.

Looped pile surface is durable. Loops do not move even if it is not fastened and it forms a solid, consistent surface. When working with locker hook a filling yarn and the looped pile surface will be very tight and durable.

Design can be scetched directly on the net base or it can first be drawn on a paper. Natural size drawing can be transferred by laying the scetch under the net and then copy it with drawing ink onto a net. The pile will cover all drawings.

- Crochet hook and net base

Poppana weft or other strip is placed under the net. It is drawn with crochet hook through net onto the right side. The hook can not be too thick so that the loop can be easily drawn through. On the other hand, the mesh must be so thick that the weft fills it tightly.

While working always hold the previous loop in your hand so it will not slip back on the other side. Weft can be prepared poppana. When you cut it yourself you can have many more colours and no not forget recycling! The design may have whatever shape.

ristipistoverkko     verkkovirkkaus-p

A small mesh, so called cross sticth net used with wool cross stitch. Poppana weft is simple.

- Locker hook and net base

Poppana weft or cloth ribbon (width 1 - 2,5 cm depending on the thickness of cloth) or multiple yarn is drawn with a locker hook on the right side and it is left on a locker hook. When some loops are picked on a locker hook it is drawn through loops with filling yarn. Filling yarn to be used depends on the hook thickness and how tight the loops are wanted.


Locker hook is just like a crochet hook but it has a needle eye on the other end for the filling yarn.



Loops are hooked from the right side, other hand is guiding on the back side. In these images the sett is about 13 squares per 10 cm (mesh 7,5 mm). Loops are double poppana weft and filling yarn is simple poppana weft.


Back side : take the loop weft on a hook.


After some loops draw the filling yarn through the loops.

- Rug needle and net

If no locker hook is not available it can be replaced with big blunt needle - rug needle - to pick loops up.


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